The Philosophy

Timeless, chic, bespoke. Safiyaa celebrates femininity and all that makes a woman beautiful with unapologetic confidence. Striking silhouettes in luxe fabrics and rich colours are fused with artisanal craftsmanship to create a demi-couture collection for day to night.

Signature feminine tailoring is as powerful as the eveningwear is elegant. The elements of a woman’s wardrobe are elevated, yet effortless.

Exceptional service and craftsmanship is the heart of the Safiyaa, while the captivating allure of a woman is the essence.

“Just as I want to buy things made with care and love, Safiyaa is committed to putting care and love into creating each garment, alongside the same compassion for each woman wearing it to be feeling her best.”

— Daniela Karnuts, Founder of Safiyaa

The Atelier

Every item created in the Safiyaa atelier is made-to-order by a team of dedicated artisans. Crafted from start to finish by the hands of one, traditional techniques and finely detailed embroideries celebrate the beauty of each garment and the masterful skill behind producing it.

Aligned with Safiyaa’s philosophy, personal attention and consideration is given to ensure both the garment and woman wearing it feels as beautiful on the inside as on the outside.

“In a world of fast fashion and conform trends, Safiyaa stands for timeless elegance and products that are lovingly hand stitched piece by piece. With a focus on bespoke requests, it is the idea of our brand becoming for dresses what Savile Row is for suits.”

— Daniela Karnuts, Founder of Safiyaa

The Creative Director

Daniela Karnuts founded Safiyaa in 2011 from a desire. With a demanding career in fashion media, she needed a wardrobe that was sophisticated and polished, without being boring or dated. Searching for pieces that were flattering, combinable and traveled well led her to question why a man could go to London’s Savile Row for bespoke suiting yet a woman had to settle on fixed styles and colours. With a selection of 12 dresses and endless ambition, Daniela began her journey to fulfill her needs and those of women with similar desires as well. Named after her daughter, Safiyaa was started from there.

The Creative Director

The Experience

Safiyaa is dedicated to creating a unique, personal – and all around enjoyable - shopping experience for the dynamic modern woman. Serving as ‘a stylist in your pocket’, Daniela and her team (including a seamstress) are there to curate, cater and tailor to the individual wardrobe needs of guests. By invitation only, with the atmosphere of a private society, women are invited into the world of Safiyaa for the ultimate luxury shopping experience. Filling a void in retail as well as closets throughout the world, relationships are formed as inhibitions are put to rest and every aspect of shopping is elevated.

Created by women for women, to personalize and enhance the shopping experience like no other. Please inquire if we’ll be in your city!

Contact us on WhatsApp: +44 7983 353 925